• Miracle Flights For Kids Is A Wonderful Charity

  • Posted on September 16, 2015
  • Miracle Flights for Kids is a charitable organization that works hard to ensure that lower income children with health problems can obtain access to high quality health care and specialized treatment. Miracle Flights for Kids provides access to airfare and transportation which is offered free to the children and their families. By connecting them with those who can help them, Miracle Flights for Kids is literally a life-saving venture.

    Miracle Flights for Kids was founded by Ann McGee in 1985 and has seen exponential growth from a time when it was essentially just a dream of the founder. Thousands of donors and volunteers have been involved in the efforts of Miracle Flights for Kids. To date, more than 90,000 flights have been coordinated by Miracle Flights for Kids. These flights have covered more than fifty million miles worth of medical air travel thus far—and growing. The numbers are incredibly impressive when one considers that every single flight is making a major difference in the health of a child. Miracle Flights for Kids has become a the leading welfare flight organization in the United States. By removing financial and travel barriers to treatment, Miracle Flights for Kids hopes to offer concrete and real-life improvements to the lives of children suffering from health issues in the United States.

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